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How To Trade These 12 Buzzing Stocks? #AskBQ

#AskBQ is BloombergQuint’s daily offering where market experts help investors make the right investment decisions in the equity market.

In today’s episode, Brijesh Singh of Stock Axis and Vikas Sethi of Sethi Finmart share their views on Ashok Leyland, Union Bank, PNB, Radico Khaitan, and many more.

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Here are the edited excerpts of the conversation:

Siva Kumar​: Will Granules India rise from the current level of Rs 92? Please provide a short-term view on the stock.

Brijesh Singh: For a three months’ view, the target can be Rs 110-112, with a stop loss of Rs 85.

Melwyn: Is Cochin Shipyard a good bet at current levels with a time horizon of two years?

Vikas Sethi: Yes, Cochin Shipyard is a fundamentally good company. The investor can certainly buy the stock at current levels, and he should get decent returns henceforth.

Srinivas Rao​​: I bought 100 shares of Manappuram Finance at Rs 108 apiece. Please provide a short-term view on it.

Brijesh Singh: I would advise the investor to hold with a stop loss of Rs 98, with Rs 108-110 levels acting as a resistance on closing basis. Having scaled anything above that, the stock can reach Rs 120-125 levels.

Haleem Khan: Can I get a view on Radico Khaitan?

Vikas Sethi: I do not track this stock, hence won’t be able to advise too well. But most of the liquor stocks have done well, so I’m hopeful of Radico Khaitan doing well too. Hence the investor can remain invested.

Praneet Kumar: Can I get an expert view on Kokuyo Camlin?

Brijesh Singh: For a medium-term time horizon, the investor can hold with a stop loss of Rs 82, and can accumulate at below Rs 90 levels.

Ujjwal Kumar: Is it the right time to enter GFSC or is some more correction expected?

Brijesh Singh: For a two-three month view, I’ll suggest the investor to hold with a stop loss of Rs 100.

Naveen Sukhadiya: Please give a view on Ashok Leyland.

Vikas Sethi: It’s a good quality stock, and looks good at the current levels. I see a pick up in commercial vehicles cycle, which would augur well for both Ashok Leyland and Tata Motors. Hence, I recommend a ‘Buy’ or a ‘Hold’.

Prem K: I am holding 12,500 shares of Reliance Power at Rs 42 with a long-term view. What should I do?

Vikas Sethi: I would recommend the investor to book losses and exit the stock. He can invest in Jamna Auto and Ashok Leyland instead. Even cement as a sector looks good.

Prashant: I bought shares of Punjab National Bank at Rs 80 apiece. What should I do from a short-term perspective?

Brijesh Singh: The investor can look at a target of Rs 82 with a stop-loss of Rs 78.

Naveen Agarwal: What is the expert view on Federal Bank, South Indian Bank and Union Bank?

Vikas Sethi: I would recommend the investor to hold on to Federal Bank. This stock could see a decent upside from the current levels.

As far as the South Indian Bank is concerned, I am not comfortable with the company’s performance. Hence, the investor can look to exit.

As for Union Bank, again, I would recommend the investor to sell. In the public sector banking space, there are very few stocks that are performing well—like State Bank of India, Indian Bank and Bank of Baroda. Rest of the PSU banks should be avoided. Private sector banks are a better bet.

Analysts’ Disclosure:

Brijesh Singh and Vikas Sethi have not recommended any of the stocks discussed in the show to their clients.

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