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How To Play Cochin Shipyard, Shivam Auto, Yes Bank? #AskBQ

#AskBQ is BloombergQuint’s daily offering where market experts help investors make the right investment decisions in the equities market.

In today’s episode, Ashish Kelkar of Kiran Jadhav & Associates and Astha Jain, of Hem Securities, shared their views on Cochin Shipyard and Yes Bank, among others.

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Edited excerpts from the show:

Shivani Dhanuka: I bought 3,500 shares of Yes Bank at Rs 326. Please suggest a short-term view.

Ashish Kelkar: I suggest you hold with a strict stop-loss at Rs 369.

Brij Mohan Lal: Majority of the analysts were recommending investment in Cochin Shipyard. The share has been gradually going down and has now come to its issue price. Is it worthwhile to invest and if so what could be the ideal price to enter for a long term?

Astha Jain: Any dip below the issue price is a good opportunity to buy.

Sunil Chahal: I need a long-term view on Shivam Auto.

Astha Jain: I suggest you avoid the stock. I prefer M&M in this sector.

Girish Kumar: I bought VIP Industries at Rs 258. Should I book profit or hold?

Ashish Kelkar: I suggest you hold on to the stock with a strict stop-loss of Rs 400 on a closing basis.

Shiva Kumar: Can you please suggest mid-cap stocks in the chemical space with a 10-year view?

Astha Jain: Bharat Rasayan and Excel Industries.

Venkata Saket Raja: I bought Manappuram at Rs 106 and Vijaya Bank at Rs 54. What should be the strategy in short-to-mid-term basis?

Ashish Kelkar: I suggest you hold on Manappuram with a strict stop-loss of Rs 103. I recommend you to exit Vijaya Bank.

Amol Wagh: I bought 200 shares of Rain Industries at Rs 220. Please suggest a one-year view.

Ashish Kelkar: I suggest you hold on to the stock with a strict stop-loss of Rs 183.

Rishab Tiwari: I bought 500 shares of Mahindra CIE at Rs 240 with a short-term view. Should I book profit?

Ashish Kelkar: I recommend you to hold on to the stock.

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