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Is RITES Share Worth A Buy? #AskBQ

#AskBQ is BloombergQuint’s daily offering where market experts help investors make the right investment decisions in the equities market.

In today’s episode, Abhijit Phatak, director of Definedge Solutions, and Parthiv Shah, director of Tracom Stock Brokers, share their investment tips and advice on RITES, exiting from Dilip Buildcon, and what are some good mid-cap stocks to invest.

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Here are the edited excerpts from the conversation:

Akash Agarwal: I bought 20,000 shares of Bharat Electronics Ltd. at an average rate of Rs 135 for long term. What should I do?

Parthiv Shah: The company valuations look attractive at the current level, so I would recommend to hold on for the next three to five years.

Vivek Kanojiya: What is your long-term view on the HDFC Standard Life? Is it the right time to add or should I wait for more corrections? I currently hold 50 shares at Rs 290 each from the IPO.

Parthiv Shah: I would recommend the investor to hold on to the stock for the next three-to five years.

Vimal kumar: What is your short-term view on M&M and what should be the strategy for the stock?

Abhijit Phatak: Generally, one should avoid going long in M&M, no matter what the numbers.

Singh Rajput Anuj: Is RITES worth a buy?

Parthiv Shah: It is a cash-rich company. My long-term view is that the company can do well with all the spending that is happening in the railways. So, it is a good buy.

Nikhil Gande: I bought MCX at Rs 820. Is it the right time to accumulate or sell? Also, what is your short term three-month view on Jamna Auto?

Abhijit Phatak: MCX has good support near Rs 700, so one should hold it with a good stop-loss, but if it goes below Rs 700, you should exit. As for Jamna Auto, I would recommend to buy with a strict stop-loss of Rs 70-72.

Saurabh Pathak: I have bought 5,000 shares of LIC Housing at an average rate of Rs 580 for the long term. What should I do?

Parthiv Shah: If one has two years, this is a good stock to hold since it looks like the company will do well in the long-run.

Anantha Venkata Krishna P V: How do I exit the Dilip Buildcon stock?

Parthiv Shah: If one wants to exit, try placing orders in the pre-market segments. If the order matches a lower circuit level, investor could get lucky. Unless the investor is ahead of the game, it is difficult to exit.

Ayush Soni: I am currently holding shares of SBI life at Rs 700 since the IPO. I need a long-term view.

Parthiv Shah: The valuations look rigid. The company will do well in the long-term, so I recommend to hold on to the stock.

Union bank of India Hyderabad: Is it the right time to buy Tata steel, and Petronet LNG with view of one year?

Abhijit Phatak: I would say that on a dip, with a stop loss below 500, one can buy Tata Steel. As far as Petronet LNG is concerned, with a stop loss below 200, it looks positive.

Bhabani Shankar Behera: I have 1,000 Titagarh Wagons Ltd. shares at Rs. 93 which I can hold for six months. Should I continue to hold? The shares are trading close to stock price.

Abhijit Phatak: I would recommend you hold it with a stop-loss below 85.

Dibyendu Bhattacharya: Can you advise on BAG films and what is its future? Any alternatives?

Parthiv Shah: Private sector banking space looks better than this industry. My suggestion for an alternative would be Karur Vyasya bank with a three-year view horizon.

Bhavesh Jain: Is it the right time to buy TTK Prestige?

Abhijit Phatak: It looks like it might rally.

Aditya Patankar: What is you six months’ view on India Cements and Nelco Ltd.?

Abhijit Phatak: I don’t see much strength in India Cements, so I would advise against buying it now. We are bullish on Nelco Ltd. and it is a good bet if it comes near Rs 210-215 levels. Thus, the investor can hold with a stop-loss below Rs 200.

Harsh Kumar: Given mid-cap stocks have corrected, could you please suggest a few stocks either from mid- cap or large cap for a fresh Rs. 3 lakh investment for two-three years?

Parthiv Shah: I would recommend the investor to invest Rs. 1 lakh in a mid-cap stock in like Karur Vysya Bank. For large cap stocks, the investor can look at Reliance Industries to maintain stability in the portfolio. The third stock I would recommend from the chemical industries space is Aarti industries.

Aakash kumar: I have 32,000 shares of NBCC at an average rate of Rs 99 for long term. What should I do?

Parthiv Shah: I would suggest the investor to wait for six months, see the upcoming quarterly results and decide.

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