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Should I Buy NBCC, Cochin Shipyard, Kridhan Infra With Long-Term View? #AskBQ

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In today’s episode, Sameet Chavan of Angel Broking and Vikas Sethi of Sethi Finmart  shared their views on Cochin Shipyard, ONGC, UPL and much more.

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Edited excerpts from the interaction:

Siva Kumar: Which is the best housing finance stock that is going to be a multibagger in 10 years?

Vikas Sethi: The sector looks promising with ‘Housing for All’ and smart city schemes. I would recommend HDFC with a horizon of 10 years.

Abhishek Gupta: I bought Jubliant Foodworks at Rs 1,420 intraday, should I hold or sell?

Sameet Chavan: Rs 1,425-1,430 is the very strong resistance level. I would recommend to keep the stop loss below Rs 1,400.

Abhishek Sharma: What is the long-term view on Cochin Shipyard?

Vikas Sethi: Cochin Shipyard is a good stock to hold on with a long-term view.

Vivek Kanojia: I hold 50 shares of Time Technoplast. What is your recommendation for long-term holding?

Vikas Sethi: At current levels, the stock looks good. Since the investor has a long-term perspective, he should hold the stock and even consider buying into the stock at current levels.

Nikhil: Should I buy Suprajit Engineering and On Mobile? Can I sell or hold Kaveri Seeds with a short-term view?

Sameet Chavan: Trend remains on the downside for Suprajit Engineering. It will reach Rs 210-220 in a few weeks. Any bounce back to Rs 260-265 is a good exit opportunity. Keep a stop-loss below Rs 530 for Kaveri Seeds and you can expect a gain towards Rs 580-590.

Krish: What are your long-term views on Kridhan Infra?

Vikas Sethi: Its a good bet. I’m bullish on the infrastructure sector. We can see substantial upsides from current levels in one year.

Melwyn: Is Siemens a good stock to enter at current levels with a two- to-three year view?

Sameet Chavan: Any dip from here is a good opportunity. But one should accumulate in a staggered manner. The stock will resume its higher degree uptrend once it crosses Rs 1,050.

Sanjeev Kumar: Why is NBCC down? I hold 24,000 shares for long-term. Should I average at current levels?

Vikas Sethi: The fall has to do with the pay hike approved by the company. It’s a good quality company and the order book go up due to recent acquisitions. We can see substantial upsides from current levels in one-two years.

Abhinav Sinha: I have 425 shares in HUDCO. Should I hold or sell?

Vikas Sethi: My recommendation is to hold on to the stock and you can further average the stock at Rs 51-52 and should hold on to it long-term.

Chiranjit Debanshi: What is your one-year view on Ashok Leyland, Sreeleathers and Advanced Enzyme?

Sameet Chavan: I don’t see any encouraging sign in Advanced Enzyme. Around Rs 120-125 is a good opportunity to buy for Ashok Leyland. I don’t track Sreeleathers.

Sumeet: I want a technical view on Indostar Capital and KEI Industries.

Sameet Chavan: I can’t comment on Indostar as its newly listed. For KEI Industries, Rs 440 is the level to watch out for in the upward direction, where we can see resumption of uptrend.

Ashish Malik: What is your one-year view on Escorts?

Vikas Sethi: It’s a good bet. If held for a year, he could make profits. But if one were to choose between Escorts and M&M, I would go with M&M.

Sagar Reddy: Is it right time to buy Vedanta with one-year view?

Sameet Chavan: Any dip from current level to 210 -215 is a strong support.

Anup: Is it the right time to average ONGC?

Vikas Sethi: He should book his losses and exit as crude prices are going up, and government intervenes in such a situation to make sure they don’t get super-normal profits.

Akash Kumar: What is your long-term view on LIC Housing Finance?

Vikas Sethi: It has under performed its peers. He should look to switch to Indiabulls Housing Finance or Repco Housing Finance at these levels.

Manikanth: Can I hold Viceroy Hotels for next 6 months to overcome losses as I purchased it at Rs 15 per share?

Sameet Chavan: The stock has been correcting and any bounce back from current level is a good exit opportunity.

Ujwal: I’m holding UPL at Rs 790. Please suggest. Also your view on Reliance?

Vikas Sethi: He need not worry and can hold it from a long-term perspective.

Sameet Chavan: Around Rs 950-955 are the levels to watch out for a buying opportunity.

Ananthavenkatakrishnan: What is your short-term opinion on Sterlite Tech?

Sameet Chavan: The stock has been correcting for many months. Rs 260 is the level to watch out for. Anything below Rs 260, it may further go down to Rs 240-245.

Analysts’ disclosure:

Vikas Sethi: I do not have any financial interests and do not hold any stocks discussed today.

Sameet Chavan might have recommended some of the stocks discussed in the show to his clients.

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