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Should I Invest In IGL, PC Jeweller Or Vedanta? #AskBQ

#AskBQ is BloombergQuint’s daily offering where market experts help investors make the right investment decisions in the equities market.

In this episode, Parthiv Shah of TRACOM Stock Brokers Pvt. Ltd. and Abhijit Phatak from Definedge Solutions gave their views on Mahanagar Gas, Godavari Power, Vedanta many more.

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Deep Joshi: Hi, I bought shares of Astron Paper at Rs 113. Please give a six-month view.

Abhijit Phatak: Not much history of the stock on charts, but should use stop loss below Rs 100.

Deepanshu: I’m holding 1,000 shares of Mahanagar Gas at Rs 850 with a 3-5 year view. Please advise.

Parthiv Shah: This is a good time horizon to have MGl in the portfolio. Recently all city gas distributors increased prices which helps alleviate all of fears related to currency depreciation. This is a also a debt-free company, and has massive opportunity awaiting in untapped geographies.

Mohammed Nabeel: I would like to know whether it’s the correct time to make a fresh entry in GPIL and Manali petro chemical, please advise.

Parthiv Shah: Godavari Power: The company reported a good set of numbers in the last quarter and is expected to continue reporting good operational numbers in the first quarter of this financial year. Also, the overall demand is strong with government’s infrastructure projects picking up. Give it a six-month to one year horizon and not longer than that.

Manali Petro: The stock has performed well in the last quarter. But the valuation does not permit me to recommend the stock as a buy at current levels.

Ankit: When can one take a fresh position in ACC?

Abhijit Phatak: ACC should trade about Rs 1,320 for it to show some strength. Only above this level, it will show on our trend.

Nikhil: I have bought MCX at Rs 820, should I hold or sell?

Parthiv Shah: There are talks about NSE and BSE wanting to come into the commodity space in a big way, and MCX holds a key lead over there. I feel they have a good market share, balance sheet and the downside from here is very limited. I suggest you to hold the stock with a two year view.

Sunil Comar: Does Cyient have the potential to become the next TCS or Infosys? Can I invest for long term?

Parthiv: L&T Technologies, Tech Mahindra and HCL are the three companies in the IT space has good potential in the coming years, and one can go with equal distribution in these three names, as these will not disappoint you.

I am also extremely bullish on the private banking space, with RBL Bank, Karur Vysya Bank are two companies which we like.

Shivani Dhanuka: I am holding 2250 shares of Hindustan Petroleum , my average price is Rs 292. Should I book profit or hold as I don’t want to add more.

Abhijit: For the time being, 330 is the level I’m looking at. So, book partial profit and for the rest can put stop loss at 295.

Deep Joshi: Bought Vedanta at 247 with a 3-month horizon. Please suggest.

Sanjay Jaswani: Have added Vedanta at 212 - 220, can I book profit at 244?

Abhijit: 225 should be the stop loss for anyone holding long, and below 225, it can go to 218. For Vedanta it is not going to be straight rise from here.

Ragha: Which is the best pharma stock to bet for a long-term?

Parthiv: We like Cadila healthcare, and this is one of the rare companies with huge focus in the U.S. pharma market. The other company is laurus Labs as they have been focusing on niche products and hence has less competition.

Parth Shingala: Would like to know IGL and NCC in the June series?

Abhijit: Unless NCC closes above today’s high I wouldn’t recommend any long buy. IGL will be strong only above 280.

Akash Agarwal: Bought 1000 shares of KNR Constructions at Rs. 280 for long term. Should I average at current levels and why is the stock down today?

Parthiv: The correction is a good opportunity to enter, and this company is well placed to scale up in the next 3 years.

Jaydeep Mehta: Holding 75 shares of PC Jeweller at Rs 189. Please suggest.

Parthiv: Fundamentally I do not see a reason to stay put in this stock. The buyback quantum is not huge. Titan would be a more prefered company.

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