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Should I Invest In Kesoram Industries, GIC Re, Biocon? #AskBQ

#AskBQ is BloombergQuint’s daily offering where market experts help investors make the right investment decisions in the equity market. In this episode, Dyaneshwar Padwal of KIFS Securities and Savi Jain of 2Point2 Capital gave their views on Kesoram Industries, GIC Re, Biocon and Phoenix Mills and many more.

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Edited excepts from the conversation:

Nikhil: Is it the right time to buy Kesoram Industries for the short term and MT Educare for 6 months. Can I also get a view on agriculture stocks ?

Gyaneshwar Padwal: Suggest avoiding Kesoram Industries and MT Educare at current levels.

Satyam Sowasare: What should I do with GIC Re. I have been holding the stock since IPO.

Savi Jain: We are not excited about the reinsurance space. Valuations look reasonable at 1.4-1.5 times book value. Overall, not a good buy at current levels. Would not like to buy any insurance stocks at current levels.

Karthik Ashokan: Can I enter Biocon and Titan at current levels with a two-month view.

Gyaneshwar Padwal: The investor can go long on Biocon below Rs 550-levels. Titan can be bought at around Rs 840-850 levels from a long term perspective.

Anand Sivaguru: Five mid-cap pharma stocks that I can buy and own for the next ten years.

Savi Jain: Would not recommend buying any pharma stock at current levels.

Himanshu: Want to know the 3-4 year prospects of Elgi Equipments and Motherson Sumi.

Gyaneshwar Padwal: Suggest going long on Elgi Equipments at Rs 240 with a stop loss of Rs 210 for a target of around Rs 300.

Arun: Bought Phoenix Mills at Rs 712. Should I hold with a one-year view ?

Savi Jain: Real estate sector is an avoid at current levels. Recommend buying select stocks in consumption, financial services space.

Nitin Attri: Holding 200 shares of JK Tyre at Rs 147. Should I hold or sell ?

Gyaneshwar Padwal: Stock can rally if it moves beyond 160. Recommend holding with a stop loss of Rs 107-108.

Raga: Want to have a long-term view on CDSL.

Savi Jain: Stock trades at forward multiple of 20 times earnings. Like the stock at current levels.

Shravan Kumar: Holding Dilip Buildcon with an average price of Rs 540. Can I re-enter at current levels ?

Gyaneshwar Padwal: Would avoid going long on Dilip Buildcon at current levels.

Deepak Bharatiya: Holding Info Edge since IPO. Should I continue to hold the stock or exit ?

Savi Jain: Would recommend holding the stock at current levels.

Anantha Venkatakrishnan: Is it the right time to buy Jubilant FoodWorks ?

Savi Jain: Jubilant is trading at very high valuations. We are bearish on the stock at current levels.

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