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Where Should I Invest: Avanti Feeds, HCC, Jet Airways? #AskBQ

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In this episode, Aditya Agarwala of Yes Securities Ltd. and Parthiv Shah of TRACOM Stock Brokers Pvt Ltd. gave their views on

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Here are the edited excerpts of the conversation:

Parth: I need a view on Cupid, Cambridge Tech and Manpasand Beverages for a time horizon of 10 years.

Parthiv Shah: I recommend you to not enter Cupid at current levels. Cambridge Tech may have cash flow and cash conversion issues, and hence, avoid the stock. Among mid-cap IT names, Majesco will be a good pick.

Shivani Dhanuka: I am holding 1,000 NIIT tech at Rs 1,050. Should I add more or book profit?

Aditya Agarwala: I recommend you to book profit as the stock may correct more.

Kanishka Rungta: I have invested in a range of mid-cap companies but since such stocks have witnessed correction, I would like to shift to better valued companies. Please advice.

Parthiv Shah: I recommend you to look at companies with a very strong management as that is very key to make a small-cap firm into a large-cap one.

Vinay: I am holding shares of Walchandnagar Industries at Rs 180.75 and Sanwaria Consumer at Rs 20.2. Please advise.

Aditya Agarwala: I recommend you to exit Walchandnagar as it is not a good stock to hold on to. Stocks such as Sanwaria are very risky and remove your stake from the stock.

Afraz Koya: I am holding Kitex and Sintex Industries. What is the outlook ?

Parthiv Shah: I rather recommend you to look at Himatsingka Seide from the textiles space as it has a good management and value-added products.

Chetan: I wanted a view on Avanti Feeds. I am holding 100 shares at Rs 1,962.

Parthiv Shah: This company could produce fabulous results in a two to three years time frame.

Siddharth Rawat: Can I enter Jet Airways at present levels for 1-2 months?. I am holding CEAT At Rs 1,370. Should I hold or book profit?

Aditya Agarwala: I recommend you to book profit in CEAT at around Rs 1,500 as there is not much room for upside. I rather advise you to look at Balkrishna Industries. Investor can enter Jet Airways at current levels with a target of Rs 450 to 460.

Ankit Jain: I am holding 20,000 shares of HCC at Rs 25 with a six-month to 1-year view. Should I hold or sell?

Parthiv Shah: I recommend you to avoid the stock due to lack of quality gains. Instead look at KNR Construction.

Vinit Rane: I bought Jubilant Foodworks at Rs 2,725. Please give a short-term view.

Aditya Agarwala: I recommend you to hold on to the stock with a target of Rs 2,800.

Satya Subhash: Can I enter Nalco at current levels for long term?

Parthiv Shah: I recommend you to have a one-year horizon and wait for metal stocks to peak.

Nifty is trading above 10,690 its resistance. What is the outlook as momentum is falling?

Aditya Agarwala: I do recommend you to go long at current levels and go long above 10,730 then keep a target of 11,000.

Ghanshyam Kedia: Shall I buy InterGlobe Aviation at current prices with a time horizon of 10 years?

Parthiv Shah: I recommend you to enter InterGlobe Aviation on any declines.

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