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Which Stock Is The Top Pick: Tata Motors, Ashok Leyland Or Jamna Auto? #AskBQ

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In this episode, Amar Singh of Angel Broking and Parthiv Shah of TRACOM Stock Brokers Pvt. Ltd. gave their views on Ashok Leyland, Jamna Auto, Tata Motors among others.

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Here are the edited excerpts of the conversation:

Karthik Mahadevan: I bought 5,000 shares of Granules India at Rs 150 in 2013. Can I hold with a five-year view?

Parthiv Shah: Even though the stock is doing well, I will advise you to not add more or average out at this point due to pricing issues in the sector. Hold the stock for one to two years.

Vicky Raj: What will be a good entry point for Ashok Leyland? Can it go to sub Rs 100 level?

Amar Singh: Any correction should be seen as an opportunity to buy as the long term charts are showing an uptrend and I recommend buying around Rs 130 to 132 levels.

Subhash Singh: What are the long-term prospects for JP Associates and Jaypee Infratech? Can I buy them with a five-year view?

Parthiv Shah: I do not advice you to book or hold any position in these companies as they are years away from a turnaround with too many stuck projects.

Gande Nikhil: Please share a short-term view on Jamna Auto and a long-term view on D-Mart?

Amar Singh: The long term charts are strong for Jamna Auto. The stock will bounce back from Rs 82 to 83 levels and face resistance near Rs 90 to 95 levels.

Parthiv Shah: Any downside of around 5 to 7 percent from the current levels will be a good buying opportunity. The company has a good business model and I am positive about this company [D-Mart] for a longer horizon.

PS Krishnan: I want to invest in Tata Motors, Vedanta and South Indian Bank with a 1.5 to 2 month view. Please advise.

Amar Singh: I recommend you to buy when the stock [Tata Motors] reaches its support levels of Rs 275 and not immediately.

Buy [Vedanta] around Rs 250 levels with a stop-loss below Rs 240 and targets of Rs 275 and Rs 280 on the upside.

Till the time the stock [South Indian Bank] does not cross Rs 26-27, it is expected to witness rangebound trade with Rs 22-23 being the lower limit.

Abhishek Gupta: How should I build my portfolio if I have Rs 1 lakh in cash?

Parthiv Shah: I am recommending four stocks in four different sectors. My top picks are HDFC Life, RBL Bank, Reliance Industries and Maruti Suzuki.

What is the level to watch out for on Nifty and Nifty Bank within a week’s time?

Amar Singh: 10,470 to 10,500 is a strong support zone for Nifty and it will face resistance around 10,660-10,670 levels. Till the time we see any bottom formation, there could be selling pressure on the Index.

For Bank Nifty, the crucial support zone lies around 25,450 to 25,500. Resistance is seen around 25,100 to 25,150 in the short term.

Aditya Pinto: What is your long-term view on Spicejet and InterGlobe?

Parthiv Shah: I expect a further correction which will be a better price to dip into aviation stocks.

Pramod Patil: I hold 1,000 shares of Navkar Corp at Rs 178. Should I hold or sell? I have a two-year view on the stock.

Parthiv Shah: Wait for one or two years before investing. The stock has been a huge underperformer.

Jivan Phadtare: I hold 30 shares of Mahanagar Gas at 845. Should I average out?

Parthiv Shah: The stock will perform better in the long run. Current levels are good to enter and investors those who are holding it can continue with their positions.

Melwyn: What is your long-term view on Idea?

Amar Singh: The risk- reward ratio for the stock can be favourable and any stop loss below Rs 47 can be used to buy the stock.

Manoj Rathi: Which is your pick among: Kesoram Industries, Tata Motors, Ashok Leyland or Ceat Tyres?

Parthiv Shah: I pick Tata Motors and Ashok Leyland. With rubber prices going up, we are not too bullish on the tyre sector.

Karthik Mahadevan: I have 100 shares of Abbot India at Rs 4,000. Can it touch Rs 10,000? I need a long term, technical and fundamental view.

Amar Singh: I recommend you to hold on to your position and watch out for Rs 6,200 levels, further which could lead to more sell-off.

Parthiv Shah: I recommend you to hold as the company is on the right track with new launches and a strong balance sheet. The target that the investor has envisaged must be achievable in the time frame he has mentioned.

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