An employee inspects tablets as they move along the production line at the Lupin Ltd. pharmaceutical plant (Photographer: Dhiraj Singh/Bloomberg)

Why Emkay Is Bullish On Indian Drugmakers

Indian pharmaceutical companies will benefit from the domestic opportunity as well as from increased spending on healthcare in the United States, according to Sindhu Sameer of Emkay Global Financial Services.

The opportunity for Indian pharma is two-pronged, it’s both India and America. If America is spending a disproportionate share of its GDP on pharma, that opportunity is thrown open for everyone. Indian pharma has always focused on America. We are the front-runners.
Sindhu Sameer, Co-Head, Equity Sales, Emkay Global Financial Services

On FY19 Earnings Growth:

  • FY19 earnings growth will not be around 12-13%. It will be more around 9 percent, which will not be disappointing
  • Expect good earnings from some companies in the coming quarters

On IT Sector:

  • Can have a mix of both large-cap and mid-cap stocks
  • Earnings from mid-cap IT companies have not disappointed
  • Mid-cap IT offered far better growth 1.5-2 years back

On Indian pharma:

  • Indian pharmaceutical companies have a big opportunity in the U.S.
  • Opportunities for Indian pharmaceutical companies is twin-pronged
  • Indian pharmaceutical companies to benefit if the U.S. expands healthcare spending

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