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How Long Should I Remain Invested? #AskBQ

#AskBQ is BloombergQuint’s daily offering where market experts help investors make the right investment choice in the equity market.

In this episode, Sameet Chavan Chief Analyst of Angel Broking and Astha Jain of Hem Securities gave their views on Vedanta Ltd., ITC Ltd., HT Media Ltd. and many more.

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Here are the edited excerpts of the conversation:

Satya Subhash: I want to invest in BEPL with a one-year view. At what price should I enter this counter?

Sameet Chavan: I would not recommend fresh trade at current levels till it comes back down to Rs 165 levels.

Aalekh Tak: I am interested in investing in Vedanta and ITC with a two to three year view. Is it the right time to buy?

Aastha Jain

Vedanta: I recommend waiting for the company’s results and only investing if the company posts any growth, given the metal space has not not performed well.

ITC: This stock is promising at any level.

Shiraz: I have purchased 6,133 shares of HT Media at Rs 86.4 per share for a short term. Please advise.

Sameet Chavan: I recommend you to wait for the stock to surpass resistance levels of Rs 95. Keep a stop-loss of Rs 86.

Amrit Anand: I have bought 100 shares of L&T at Rs 1,398 for the short term. Can I expect a target of Rs 1,440 in 15 days?

Sameet Chavan: It is possible but I recommend you to keep a strict stop-loss of Rs 1,370.

Yogesh Singh: I bought 100 shares of DCM Shriram at Rs 510. Should I hold or sell?

Aastha Jain: I recommend you to exit the stock at current levels and switch to Raymond.

What are your views on PC Jeweller? (multiple viewer queries)

Aastha Jain: On the back of recent rumours in the market, this stock cannot sustain at current levels. Risk taking investors can hold, but risk averse investors should avoid the stock.

Saurabh Pathak: I bought 500 shares of Havells at Rs 490. Should I hold or book profits?

Sameet Chavan: I recommend you to hold with a stop loss of Rs 536, as a decent move is expected once the stock crosses Rs 557.

Amar: I am holding Canfin Home at Rs 490. My view is of 3-4 months. Should I hold or exit?

Sameet Chavan: Hold on and keep a stop loss of Rs 410.

Harsh Shah: What is your long-term outlook for Kajaria Ceramics? I entered the stock at Rs 579 a month back.

Aastha Jain: I recommend you to not hold the stock, as it is not expected to post strong numbers going forward.

Rangarajan Balakrishnan: I have bought 100 shares of Hilton Metal at Rs 39. What should I do next?

Sameet Chavan: I recommend you to hold with a stop loss of Rs 31.

Debkanta Paul: What is your view on Aditya Birla Capital for a five-year term?

Aastha Jain: I recommend that the investor hold only if they have a long term view or switch to Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Ltd. for a period of three to six months.

Bharat Bhushan: I bought 500 shares of IRB Infra at Rs 253. Should I hold or book profit?

Sameet Chavan: I recommend you to hold with a stop loss of Rs 267 and once the stock surpasses Rs 282, a decent move towards Rs 290 to Rs 300 is expected.

Sauvik Batabyal​: Please give a short term and long term view for LT Foods. Is it advisable to enter at current levels?

Sameet Chavan: I recommend you to either buy on any dip or wait for a break-out around Rs 99.

Nirav Patel: ​I have 3,000 shares of Ambition Mica at Rs 42. Should I hold or sell?

Sameet Chavan: Hold on to the stock with a stop loss of Rs 41.

Harsh Kumar​: I am holding 500 shares of Kanpur-Plastipack at Rs 119 and I can hold up to 6 months. Should I hold or exit?

Sameet Chavan: I recommend you to hold with a stop loss below Rs 148 and expect a move towards Rs 185 if the stock surpasses levels of Rs 162.

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