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Buy, Sell, Hold: Bombay Dyeing, CESC, Dr. Reddy’s Lab? #AskBQ

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In today’s episode, Sameet Chavan, chief analyst of technical and derivatives at Angel Broking and Astha Jain, senior research analyst at Hem Securities gave their views on Bombay Dyeing, CESC, Dr. Reddy’s Lab and much more.

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Edited excerpts from the conversation:

Praveen Gulati: I have 100 shares of Dr. Reddy’s at Rs 2,130 with a short-term view. Should I add more?

Sameet Chavan: Avoid adding at current levels. I recommend that you wait for a breakout to happen around Rs 2,140.

Srikar D: I want to invest in Bombay Dyeing with a long-term view. Is this the right time to invest?

Astha Jain: One can invest at the current price.

Rishabh Tiwari: I bought 500 shares of Sintex Plastics at Rs 95 with a long-term view. Should I average?

Astha Jain: You can hold on to the stock, but you should avoid averaging at the current price.

Devendra Jain​: I bought 1,000 shares of CESC at Rs 1,015.46 with a short-term view. Please advise.

Sameet Chavan: Hold with a stop-loss at Rs 998.

Ankit Mishra: I bought 100 shares of Mahanagar Gas at Rs 1,000 with a long-term view. Please advise.

Astha Jain: I suggest you hold on but with a long-term view.

Dheeraj Aggarwal: I bought 450 shares of AB Capital at Rs 194 with a long-term view. What should I do?

Sameet Chavan: I suggest you revaluate if the stock touches Rs 170 levels. Hold on to the stock if it manages to surpass Rs 170, else exit.

Sai Aditya: I bought Graphite India at Rs 700 and HEG at Rs 2,800. Should I hold or sell?

Astha Jain: I suggest you hold on to both the stocks.

Satyavrat Mishra: I bought 100 shares of BLS International at Rs 185. What should I do?

Sameet Chavan: I recommend you to wait as of now and exit once the stock reaches Rs 170-175.

Ashish Malik: I bought 100 shares of Godrej Agrovet at Rs 568. What is the long-term view of the stock?

Astha Jain: We are not bullish on the stock because the earnings performance in the third quarter were disappointing. I suggest you book profits and exit the stock.

Venky: I want a long-term view and a short-term view on Capacite Infra.

Sameet Chavan: I suggest you not to take a fresh position. If you have invested, hold on to the stock if it manages to surpass Rs 345. Exit the stock if it touches Rs 328 levels.

Utsav Singh: I bought 500 shares of Tata Motors-DVR at Rs 270. Should I average at current levels?

Astha Jain: I suggest you average at current levels.

Jyothi Reddy: What are your views on Vakrangee?

Astha Jain: I suggest you hold on to the stock until the company announces its quarterly results.

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