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Should You Look To Invest In Private Banks? #AskBQ

#AskBQ is BloombergQuint’s daily offering where market experts help investors make the right investment choice in the equity market.

In today’s episode, Amar Singh of Angel Broking and Parthiv Shah of TRACOM Stock Brokers gave their views on private banks, AB Capital, Infosys, and much more.

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Here are the edited excerpts of the interaction:

Akash Kumar: I bought 1,000 shares of Federal Bank at Rs 110 with a long-term view. Should I average?

Parthiv Shah: I am very bullish on this stock. I recommend you to hold on with a two-to-three year view. You can also cost average at the current price.

Bhavesh: I want to invest in Parag Milk Foods with a six-month view. Is it the right time to invest?

Amar Singh: One can buy at Rs 225-235 levels with a six-month view, with a stop-loss below Rs 200 and a target of Rs 265-275 levels on the upside.

Dheeraj Aggrawal: I bought 450 shares of AB Capital at Rs 194 with a three-year view. What should I do?

Parthiv Shah: One can hold on to the stock with a long-term view.

Shubhamm Mahajann: Should Infosys be bought at current levels? What are the future projections?

Amar Singh: I would suggest waiting for the company’s quarterly results and then take a call.

Venkat Sai: What are the long-term view and short term view for Lemon Tree Hotels?

Parthiv Shah: Hold on to the stock if you have bought shares through IPO. If not, I suggest not to enter the stock at current levels, since valuations look stretched.

Harsh Kumar: I bought 150 shares of Sun Pharma at Rs 497 and 120 shares of Yes Bank at Rs 294. Can I hold up to about two years?

Parthiv Shah: One can hold on to Sun Pharma as the stock is expected to touch 650-700 levels. Instead of Yes Bank, I would prefer RBL Bank and Federal Bank.

Shivani Dhanuka: I bought shares of BEPL at Rs 180. Should I hold or Exit. Also, can I invest in DHFL at current levels?

Amar Singh: I would recommend holding on to BEPL. The investor could book profit on 50 percent of holding and and hold on to the remaining shares with a stop-loss below Rs 180. Concerning DHFL, one can buy at Rs 520-525 levels, with a stop-loss below Rs 500 and a target of Rs 575-580.

Sameeran Das: I bought 1,000 shares of Karnataka Bank at Rs 131 with a three-month view. Should I hold or book loss?

Amar Singh: Watch out for the level of Rs 128. If the stock sustains above that level, there could be a rally and the investor could see some profits. If the investor wishes to hold, he should have a stop loss below Rs 119 and watch for an initial target of Rs 128.

Ramakrishnan Ranganathan: What are your views on ITC and Aurobindo Pharma?

Parthiv Shah: One can buy ITC at current levels with a time horizon of about two years. Instead of Aurobindo Pharma, I prefer Cadila Healthcare, because the product launch pipeline looks far more robust.

Peter Paul: I bought 910 shares of Vakrangee at Rs 210. Should I hold or sell?

Parthiv Shah: I would suggest you to exit. In mid-cap IT, the investor should consider investing in Majesco, which is a stock that can give very good returns over the next three years.

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