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Should Retail Investors Ape The Bigger Players? #AskBQ

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In today’s episode, Rakesh Bansal of RK Global and Gaurang Shah of Geojit Financial Services Ltd., gave their views on the gems and jewelry, pharmaceuticals and specialty chemicals space among others.

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Here are the edited excerpts of the interaction:

Raman Bajaj: I bought 100 shares of Lupin at Rs 887 with a long-term view. Should I hold or sell?

Gaurang Shah: I recommend you to average as the downside is protected and averaging will enable the investor to have a higher profit margin. Hence the investor is recommended to hold for at least two and a half years.

Ritu Bajaj: I want to invest in GSFC with a short-term view. is it the right time to invest?

Rakesh Bansal: If the investor’s view is for two to three months, then one can enter at current levels.

Bhabani Shankar Behera: I bought shares of JP Associates at Rs 22 with a one to two month view. Should I hold or sell?

Gaurang Shah: I suggest an absolute avoid on JP group companies. the stock in question involves high voltage trade and a lot of risk.

Shaan Singh: What are your views on Bajaj Finance and Avanti Feeds with a short term to medium-term horizon?

Rakesh Bansal: Bajaj Finance is a strong buying candidate at current levels as the stock price will test a level of rs 2,100 to Rs 2,150.Avanti Feeds is going through a correction so fresh buying at current levels is not suggested.

Ragesh GR: I bought shares of HEG at Rs 2,036 in December with a five-year view. Can I add more at current levels?

Gaurang Shah: One should have an elevated risk appetite to add more considering the rallies.

Melwin Mateo: I bought shares of HCL Technologies at Rs 974. Should I hold or sell?

Rakesh Bansal: I recommend you to hold with a stop-loss at Rs 940 levels.

Satya Subhash: I want to invest in BLS International with a long-term view. Please suggest.

Rakesh Bansal: I recommend you to hold but avoid for fresh investment.

Nandkishore Dhawale: I bought 2,000 shares of Delta Corp at Rs 88 with an eight-year view. Please advise.

Gaurang Shah: The stock will stay elevated given new assets and properties coming in.

Vimal Kumar: What is your view on Reliance Industries with a two-month view?

Rakesh Bansal: If one is looking for fresh investment for a short term then it is recommended to avoid Reliance Industries. For those who are already invested, it is advisable to exit during rallies.

Rahul Chanduka: I bought shares of PC Jeweller at Rs 375. Should I hold or sell?

Gaurang Shah: I recommend the investor to look at Titan in gems and jewelry space.

Rahul Nayak: What are your views on DCW and Vikas Ecotech in the Chemicals sector?

Gaurang Shah: In the agrochemical space, I recommend the investor to look at Aarti Industries, Pi Industries and UPL.

Akshat Maheshwari: Would would be a long term view on CPI?

Rakesh Bansal: I recommend the investor to hold but for fresh investment, I recommend the investor to look at Rs 200 levels.

Ankit Shastri: I bought Shree Pushkar at Rs 210 with a long term view. Please advise.

Rakesh Bansal: I recommend the investor to hold and for fresh investment, one can buy on declines around Rs 224 levels.

Rohit Pednekar​: I brought 150 shares of Arihant Superstructures at Rs 168 with a view of 2-3 months. Please advise.

Gaurang Shah: One should rather look at Mahindra Life, Shobha, Oberoi Realty, Prestige Estate and Godrej Properties from the real estate space.

Ayush Malik: I want to invest in Sun Pharma with a long term view. Please suggest.

Gaurang Shah: I recommend the investor to rather look at Natco, Aurobindo Pharma, Ajanta Pharma and Alkem Laboratories from the pharma space.

Palash Jain: Please advise on RSWM with a long term view.

Rakesh Bansal: One should make a fresh investment around Rs 320 levels.

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