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Which Is The Best Investment Bet: IT, Private Banks Or Housing Finance?#AskBQ

#AskBQ is BloombergQuint’s daily offering where market experts help investors make the right investment choice in the equity market.

On Tuesday’s episode, Brijesh Singh of StockAxis Advisors and Sandeep Jain of Tradeswift Broking gave their views on DHFL, Yes Bank, TCS and many more.

Watch the full conversation here:

Here are the edited excerpts of the conversation:

Utsav Singh: I bought 500 shares of Asian Paints at Rs 920 apiece with a long-term view. Should I hold or sell?

Sandeep Jain: I recommend the investor to remain invested in the stock, as the company has a strong balance sheet and good return ratios. It also stands to gain from the government’s thrust on affordable housing.

Hariom Panchal: I bought 200 shares of Vadilal Industries at Rs 910 apiece with a short-term view. What should I do?

Brijesh Singh:  I would recommend the investor to hold on to the stock, with a strict stop loss at Rs 925. The investor can also extend his time frame for a price target of Rs 1,090.

Akash Randev: I bought 5,000 shares of Kohinoor Foods with a one-month view. What should I do?

Brijesh Singh: I would advise the investor to exit. If however, he wants to hold, then he should keep a strict stop loss on Rs 60. L&T Foods is a better bet in the space.

Abhishek Gupta: Is Maruti Suzuki a good bet with a year view?

Sandeep Jain: The investor can wait for some time; I’m not going to recommend buying at this time. He can hold on to Maruti Suzuki in case he’s invested in it already. Hero Motocorp is a good alternative in the automotive space.

Pritish Ranjan Pal: I bought shares of NBCC at Rs 223 apiece with the view of a year or two. What should I do?

Sandeep Jain: One can certainly stay invested in the company, and look at averaging at bottoms. It’s a great long-term story.

Amol Wagh: I bought 250 shares of HBL Power at Rs 72 apiece with a long-term view. Should I hold or sell?

Brijesh Singh: It’s better to book losses. The investor can exit at current levels too, or at any rally in the near term.

Lakshya Tambi: I bought 200 shares of IDFC at Rs 66 and 200 shares of Idea at rs 110 with a six-month view. Please advise.

Sandeep Jain: The current levels are good hold for IDFC as valuations are attractive and the investor can average between Rs 46 to Rs 48.

Idea on the other hand is not a good bet. The investor has already lost money on the stock. Reliance Industries is a good surrogate telecom bet to stay invested in the industry.

Ritwik Sharma: I want to invest in Yes Bank with a long term view. Please advise.

Sandeep Jain: Kotak Mahindra Bank is a safer bet for fresh investment and HDFC Bank in case the investor has a long term view. Although IT, pharma, and FMCG are safer for investment when compared to the private banking space.

Hariom Panchal: I bought shares of Aptech at Rs 293 with a short term view. Please advise.

Brijesh Singh: I recommend the investor to hold on to the stock. Rs 320 is a key level to watch on the upside.

Maheshwaran Damodaran: What is the best price to enter TCS?

Brijesh Singh: It is a good level to enter the stock but with a stop-loss of around Rs 2,820-2,825 and with resistance around Rs 3,000 to Rs 3,015.

Nikhil Gande: I bought shares of Inox Wind at Rs 132 with a short-term view. Please advise.

Brijesh Singh: I recommend you to hold with a strict stop loss of Rs 116-117 and book profit around Rs 130-132. After that, you can consider moving to IT stocks.

Rahul Ramkrishnan: I bought 2,000 shares of Fineotex Chemical at Rs 56 with a long-term view. Please advise.

Brijesh Singh: The investor can continue to hold the stock. A key level to watch is Rs 65, after which the stock is expected to move up to Rs 72-73 levels.

Soundar M: I bought 700 shares of DHFL at Rs 460 with a one-year view. Should I continue to hold?

Sandeep Jain: i suggest that you can hold on as it is one of the cheapest bets in the industry. The investor can accumulate when the stock falls if there are additional funds available.