Take Your TV Viewing Experience To The Next Level With LG OLED TV – The World’s Best Selling OLED Brand     

*This is a sponsored article by LG.

The humble television has come of age and has over the years, become thinner, smarter and sleeker. The TV experience is no longer just about surfing channels with a remote control, but has gone way beyond that. Even as we speak, newer technologies are making inroads into the television industry and LG’s latest offering is a prime example of this. LG has been one of the pioneers of OLED TVs and with their newest LG OLED TV AI ThinQ, they have become the world’s best-selling OLED brand. LG OLED TVs have won this year’s iF Design Award and several other recognitions at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2018.

Take Your TV Viewing Experience To The Next Level With LG OLED TV – The World’s Best Selling OLED Brand      

Let’s check out the features that raises the bar for your entertainment quotient.

OLED Display

The OLED display of LG OLED TV AI ThinQ™ has self-lighting pixels, where each pixel has control over its individual luminance. As a result, the TV shows you colours in all their richness and highlights even the minutest details of on-screen objects. With self-lighting pixels your TV screen simply comes to life.

AI ThinQ

Your voice is this TV’s command. Unbelievable as it may sound, this TV makes use of artificial intelligence to interact with the user. The LG OLED TV AI ThinQ™ has the ability to process natural language, listen, think and then accordingly respond to user requests. So now you can browse through menus, launch applications, and search the internet, all by way of simple voice commands. Say hello to the good life for now you have a TV that listens to and understands what you say. What’s more is the TV also addresses 800+ offline commands that are preset and work in the absence of internet connectivity.

Should you need any more convincing, watch this video:

α9(Alpha 9) Intelligent Processor

The LG OLED TV AI ThinQ™ comes with α9(Alpha 9) Intelligent Processor that brings every picture to life in great detail. The Quad-Step Noise Reduction feature reduces noise and significantly improves image quality. With the Frequency-based Sharpness Enhancer, you get pictures that are crystal clear and with well-defined edges. Another highlight of the TV is the Object Depth Enhancer that separates the main object from the background. With images so captivating, the LG OLED TV AI ThinQ promises to elevate your TV experience. Watch movies, enjoy your favourite sport or play video games without once having to look away from the screen.

Dolby Atmos

Cinema buffs rejoice because the LG OLED TV AI ThinQ brings the movies home. The TV is equipped with Dolby Atmos that captures the movement of every on-screen object and does a 360-degree surround sound. Coupled with Dolby Vision, you get a truly cinematic experience right in your living room, both in terms of picture and sound. All you need to do is bring out the popcorn.

4K Cinema HDR With Dolby Vision

This TV comes with 4K resolution and supports most HDR (High-dynamic range) formats. Dolby Vision optimises every feature of what is on screen frame by frame and gives you cinematic picture quality. With enhanced HDR 10 Pro and HLG Pro, you get superlative visuals that are stunningly bright and true-to-life. All in all, the LG OLED TV AI ThinQ gives you an immersive viewing experience.

It’s worth noting here that Technicolor, the company that works with technology leaders to drive content creation, distribution and consumption, uses LG OLED TVs as consumer reference displays while producing the home delivery versions of major Hollywood films. Now that says a lot.

Netflix-Recommended TV

If your idea of the perfect life is binge-watching your favourite shows and movies on Netflix, then the LG OLED TV AI ThinQ™ has got you covered. This Netflix-recommended TV enables easier app access, turns on and launches the app instantly and includes the latest Netflix features. The good guys at Netflix have tested this TV and come away impressed. You can start your TV and launch Netflix at the press of a single button. The Netflix app is present on the TV menu and is super easy to access and launch. This TV remembers at what point you stopped viewing the last time and starts off exactly from that point the next time you switch it on. It also comes with the latest version of Netflix. Wow! Looks like this TV is made for Netflix.

Mobile Connection Overlay

Imagine you are watching TV and suddenly want to look for something on your phone. The LG OLED TV AI ThinQ lets you do this simultaneously by allowing you to overlay your mobile screen on your TV. So while you go about doing your business on your phone, you also don’t end up missing any part of the show you were watching. The fun part is that you can even control the sound of TV and mobile on the TV screen.

Magic Remote

Move over simply pointing the remote at the TV and pressing buttons to watch what you want. This TV comes with a Magic Remote that lets you control the TV in more ways than one. You can point, click, scroll or simply use voice commands to control your daily entertainment. Can it get any simpler?

Cinema Screen

The LG OLED TV AI ThinQ has an elegant silhouette from any side you see it, thanks to its slim bezels. This gives it a cinema screen-like appearance and offers you an immersive viewing experience.

For all the features this TV comes loaded with, it also looks nothing less than a piece of art. Install it at home and watch how your guests won’t stop raving about its sleek and stylish body.

The LG OLED TV AI ThinQ is a winner all the way and the awards and recognition it’s receiving is only proof of this. The TV won this year’s iF Design Award. It was named as the best of CES 2018 and its Alpha 9 Intelligent Processor got the 2018 CES innovation Award.

So if you’re looking for a TV that combines the brilliance of cinema, magic of artificial intelligence and aesthetic sense of an artwork, it can’t get better than the LG OLED TV