Now Get Home A Television That Listens To You

*This is a sponsored article by LG

Artificial intelligence or AI has come to play a significant role in our life and has made it a lot easier. From phones that can identify your facial features and enhance them to virtual assistants that follow every command of yours, the world of AI is fascinating. Now just imagine what would happen if AI meets the pioneer of smart TVs. You expect nothing less than magic, isn’t it? Well, that’s what LG brings you with its range of smart TVs. These TVs combine the magic of AI and the best in TV technology to give you an unmatched viewing experience.

OLED and Super UHD Technologies

The LG Super UHD TV too gives you a superlative viewing experience, but what truly stands out is its Nano Cell Technology. The TV comes with nanoparticles that absorb surplus light wavelengths. This reduces colour bleed from RGB colours displayed on screen. As a viewer, what you get is vivid colours on screen from any viewing angle. There’s absolutely no colour distortion. So the next time you call over your friends for a match-viewing session, you all don’t have to cram and sit in front of the TV. Sit anywhere and watch the match from any angle without compromising your viewing experience. This TV also offers you exceptional gaming performance. It supports 4K HDR games and synchronises your senses with real-time scenes in the game and gives you an immersive experience.

Together with AI, these TVs come with intelligent voice recognition that enables them to respond to user commands. Yes, your TV will now listen to you. No more searching the right button on the remote or struggling with a complicated setup. All you have to do is speak into the remote and the TV does exactly what you want it to do. Their Natural Language Processing enables them to listen, think and then accordingly respond to user requests. If this isn’t magic, what is?

The Magic of AI

From bringing you real-time information to switching to your favourite channel, the LG OLED and LG Super UHD TVs do it all by simply listening to your commands. Let’s say you have planned a movie marathon with your friends. All you need to do is tell your TV to ‘change to cinema mode’ and it will do just that. Want to revisit pictures that you clicked on your last vacation? Ask the TV to show them to you on Google Photo and instantly relive all the good times you had during that holiday. That’s not all. If you’re planning a vacation, then your TV doubles as your travel planner as well. You can request the TV to show you places to visit, foods to eat and the weather condition of your prospective holiday spot. After this, it’s your call if you want to carry that jacket along or not.

These TVs are so intelligent that they understand commands even when they are not very specific. You’re watching a show and want to switch off the TV after it ends? Just say ‘switch off after this program ends’ and the TV will understand exactly which show you’re referring to and what time it needs to switch itself off. Amazing, isn’t it? Who’d have ever thought that interacting with a TV would be similar to having conversations with humans? Well, but here we are.

The LG OLED and LG Super UHD TVs are testimony to the power of AI and its ability to transform our TV viewing experience. The TV, that you once operated manually and then with a remote, now listens to your instructions, processes them and then acts on them. Let that sink in. We can’t wait to see where AI goes from here, but till then sit back, relax and ask your TV to play your favourite songs. The good life is here.