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#TaxValentines - AOC, Brexit, Climate Change, Robots And Love

It’s that one time of the year when BEPS, CBCR, CCCTB, GILTI and DBCFT wielding tax experts turn to rhyme.

Admittedly this year’s a bit dull and sombre.
And not so funny.
But there are verses here.
That are on the money.

So the #taxvalentines awards for 2019 go to...

This Gets It For Sheer Effort

Gimme An ‘A’, Gimme An ‘O’, Gimme A ‘C’

The Sagar Thakkar Alias Shaggy Award

The Unfriending Europe Award

How To Upset Trump Award

Because Robots Have Feelings Too

Ooooh Laffer Curve Rhyme

And The Award For Tax Existentialism Goes To...


DTAA Award

The Angry Guy Award

There’s more than one of them!

Because Revenue Always Has The Last Word


Incase you’re still wondering...
BEPS: Base Erosion And Profit Shifting

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