Source: Supreme Court of India website

No Judicial Crisis Here, Says Attorney General Of India On Supreme Court Rift

The public questioning of the Supreme Court administration by four senior judges of the apex court, a first in the history of the country, is not a judicial crisis, according to KK Venugopal, the Attorney General of India.

"I don't think one should elevate it to a level that it will affect the confidence of the people in the institution," Venugopal, who is the chief legal adviser to the Indian government, told BloombergQuint in an interview.

Venugopal said that it would been “far more appropriate” if the judges followed procedure and placed their concerns before the full court. “If that had been done, the whole thing would've been done quietly, resolved by a majority and that would've been the end of the matter,” he said. Now the media has been examining every little detail with great intensity and that will erode people's confidence in the highest judicial body of the country, he added.

The Attorney General expressed hope that the four judges, "men of wisdom and great integrity", would put the institution above everything else, patch up and settle everything within a couple of days.