A tool and maintenance box, also known as a “crash cart” stands between server racks at Facebook’s new data storage center near the Arctic Circle. (Photographer: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg)

#SaveOurPrivacy: Government And Parliamentary Processes On Data Privacy

The #SaveOurPrivacy campaign has worked with BloombergQuint to produce these videos explaining the importance of appropriate legislation that protects the privacy, including data privacy of Indian citizens.

From the landmark Supreme Court decision on Indians’ right to privacy to the latest draft bill on data protection and privacy presented by a committee led by retired Justice Srikrishna, the battle for the right to privacy has been a long drawn out affair in India. Add to that the controversy surrounding Aadhaar and more recently the privacy issues pertaining to social media platforms, such as the Facebook - Cambridge Analytica affair. Combined, these underscore the urgent need for a comprehensive legislation that helps protect citizen identities and data.

A group of citizens have drafted a model law - the Indian Privacy Code 2018. Maansi Verma, Founder of Maadhyam, and drafting volunteer at Save our Privacy, talks about the Code and how it is an attempt to provide a citizen-centric law.