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#TaxValentines: Tax Rhyme And Reason, Every Love Season

No one seemed to know how it started. A query on Twitter prompted some fingerpointing till it emerged that this now annual tradition of tax funnies was founded in tragedy.

Who Started #TaxValentines ?

Five of them, all season regulars - @hselftax, @AislingTax, @SoongJohnston, @iaincampbell07 and @DanNeidle, said Jeremy Cape started the tax rhymes a few valentines ago.

Jeremy Cape, who describes himself as a lawyer and writer on international tax, explained that “I remember writing some three years ago. My dad was dying and it distracted me from the sadness. (Sorry for the downer. But everyone loves an origin story)”.

Sorry Jeremy. Thank you Jeremy. Precious #TaxValentines now challenges tax rhyme and reason, every love season.

This year some heavy hitters have resorted to twitter verse. One revenue service, a British tax official and a Member of Parliament, tax policy folk at the OECD and an international tax magazine. Jeremy is still the most prolific (and unerringly funny), but the award this year—for the Funniest Rhyme—jointly goes to @AndyGrewal, @jmfeiner and @SoongJohnston.

Yup, I decide. But votes and contributions are welcome @menakadoshi.

European Commission Department for Taxation and Customs Union.

Leads the HM Revenue & Customs team.

Scottish National Party politician and Member of Parliament for Aberdeen North.

Director of the Center for Tax Policy and Administration at the OECD.

Deputy Director of the OECD's Centre for Tax Policy and Administration.

Tax and development policy analyst at OECD.

Tax news and analysis service.

The likely founder of #taxvalentines.

Tax expert “strongly opposed to neoliberals and secret trusts that do not fund him”.

Winner #1 and law professor at University of Iowa.

Winner #2 and tax journalist.

Visiting Fellow at Cambridge University.

One of the pioneers of #taxvalentines.

Self-proclaimed “libertarian legend”.

Winner #3 and tax lawyer in London.

Jacques Torres creates Valentine’s Day chocolates in his  factory in New York, U.S. (Photographer: Ron Antonelli/Bloomberg)
Jacques Torres creates Valentine’s Day chocolates in his factory in New York, U.S. (Photographer: Ron Antonelli/Bloomberg)

Yes, from India.

A tax leader at one of the big firms, trying hard.

Could’ve been about India a few years ago.

My contribution to #taxvalentines.

All descriptions have been sourced from individual twitter biographies.

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