Pursuits by Skoda

These are the stories of artists and activists, storytellers and curators of art and music, entrepreneurs and creators of change.

These are the people who choose brilliance. Who choose the pursuit.

This, is a pursuit of excellence - in all its shapes and forms.

Matt & Namrata Founders of Blue Tokai Coffee “Why settle for bad coffee?” The question that started a company, and created an culture.
Deepak Ramola Poet, Lyricist Storyteller Founder of Project Fuel The storyteller who has travelled from Uttaranchal to Afghanistan, from refugees to officers, from children to the elderly to hear and share life lessons.
Roysten Abel Theatre Director & Playwright The man, the performances, the art, the music, that can only be experienced, not explained...
Atul Khatri Stand-up comedian A man who gave up being a CEO to become an English stand-up comedian and a YouTube personality
Sriram Raghavan Movie Director Andhadhun, Badlapur, Ek Haseeni thi, Johny Gaddar, Agent Vinod The thrill of the unknown, the love of the shadows, the stories that once told, are never, ever forgotten.
Shayamal Vallabhjee Sports Scientist and Author A sportsman, a successful coach, a sports scientist, EQ consultant, a motivational speaker, a monk, an author and an entrepreneur
Ashutosh Phatak Music Composer, Producer and Performer Founding Partner, Bluefrog Founder, True School of Music Co-founder, The Quarter
Chewang Motup Chewang Motup’s love of the mountains of Ladakh and the Himalaya is surpassed only by his drive to innovate and ensure Rimo Expeditions remains India’s leading and most trusted adventure travel company.
Abha Narain Lambah Abha Narain Lambah Associates is a leading architectural firm in India, specializing in Architectural Conservation, Building Restoration & Retrofit, Museum Design, Historic Interiors
Sudha Murty Philanthropist, author, bibliophile—Sudha Murty wears all these hats and more. Watch her exceptional story in the season finale of Pursuits By Skoda.#Pursuitsbyskoda #Skodaindia