Software-Defined Infrastructure (SDI): Making Hybrid Cloud More Compelling than ever before

By separating resource provisioning and management from the underlying infrastructure components, software-defined infrastructure (SDI) is helping organizations accelerate their hybrid cloud adoption. Here’s how you can leverage SDI’s immense benefits through a Hybrid Cloud model. Never miss out on market moving news, top trends and compelling perspectives.

Hybrid Cloud: A Right Fit for Indian Organisations

It’s clear now that Hybrid Cloud is the most effective form of cloud computing. Here are insightful strategies for IT Leaders to determine application workloads for specific cloud models and to build a business-centric cloud policy for their business specific needs.

The Smartest Path to a Hybrid Cloud Strategy

How do IT and Business Decision Makers make the best case for Hybrid Cloud? Use this interactive infographic to examine the role of business objectives and opportunities, cost parameters, current IT infrastructure and IT Human Resources, and figure out the right path to take to an effective Hybrid Cloud strategy.

Be Ready

Your infrastructure can be ready for the next big opportunity and spur innovation and drive faster time-to-market. A hybrid or multi-cloud strategy increases agility, maintains stability, and gives you advanced data analytics across your entire enterprise.

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