Health checkup at a relief camp in Kochi. (Source: PTI)

Here’s How Kerala Is Coping In The Aftermath Of The Disastrous Floods

Relief operations are on full swing in Kerala as the flood waters that battered the state over the past few weeks recede. Over 7 lakh people are still in relief camps as houses, roads and basic infrastructure have been severely damaged.

With water stagnating in many places, fears have risen over the outbreak of diseases like leptospirosis, diarrhoea, malaria and dengue. Incidents of snake bite have been reported in many places as people move back from the relief camps to their houses.

A severe shortage of drinking water, sanitary materials and chlorination tablets to purify water are some of the issues plaguing the state. Many states—apart from contributing relief aid—have deployed medical teams that will help prevent the outbreak of epidemics.

The Indian Medical Association announced that it will contribute Rs 1 crore, along with relief materials, to Kerala. A national co-ordination committee headed by former IMA chief Dr Vinay Aggarwal has been formed to provide relief materials and conduct medical camps.

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Over 500 rescue camps with medical professionals have been deployed and the IMA has instructed all private hospitals to provide free consultation services to people affected by the flood.
Dr Ravi Wankhedkar, President, Indian Medical Association

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