BJP workers dance to celebrate the party’s lead on more than 110 Assembly seats, as the counting of votes is in progress, outside the party office in Bengaluru on Tuesday. (Photgrapher: Shailendra Bhojak/PTI)

Was Karnataka An Anti-Incumbency Verdict? Pollsters Battle It Out

Was the Karnataka vote an anti-incumbency verdict in favour of the Bharatiya Janta Party? The question has evoked divergent views from those following the election closely.

While the BJP has the most seats, the Congress has a higher vote share. That means, more people voted for the Congress party, but in the First Past the Post system, the BJP has taken the lead.

Two top pollsters, Yashwant Deshmukh, managing director and chief editor of CVoter and Sanjay Kumar, director of Centre for the Study of Developing Societies spoke to BloombergQuint on how they have read the verdict in the southern state.

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Watch the full interview here.

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