Prime Minister Narendra Modi and former Congress President Sonia Gandhi. (Source: PTI)

Karnataka Polls: Corruption Tops Agenda

Just days before the assembly election in Karnataka, India’s national parties continue to level corruption charges against each other.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has accused the Siddaramaiah government of becoming a “corruption tank” for the Congress, with a pipeline connected to Delhi. He also accused the top Congress leadership of auctioning tickets, party positions and the chief minister’s post, newswire agency PTI reported. Today, Modi accused the state government of being in “sleep mode” at a time when the state was suffering due to drought.

In turn, former Congress President Sonia Gandhi, who addressed her first rally in two years today, said the Centre has provided very little compensation to farmers in the aftermath.

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Here's what Congress spokesperson Shabeena Sultana and BJP spokesperson Yashas BS had to say on corruption as a poll agenda resonates with voters.

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