File photo of Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Xi Says China to Cut Import Taxes Further, Import $30 Trillion

(Bloomberg) -- China intends to cut import taxes further and spend more on goods from abroad, as part of its efforts to open its economy, President Xi Jinping said.

  • Xi said China’s goods imports will exceed $30 trillion over the next 15 years, while services imports will exceed $10 trillion
  • Effects of policies to support the economy are showing, or will do so

Key Insights
  • These statements are in line with China’s previous pledges on opening its economy and fostering consumption. The pledge on goods imports is higher than a promise Xi previously made, to buy $24 trillion
  • In themselves, these comments don’t move the needle very far on trade policy - the government has already cut tariffs this year and said it would do so again
  • And as we’ve pointed out here, the big-ticket import pledge is actually not that much more than China is doing already

Xi Says China to Cut Import Taxes Further, Import $30 Trillion

  • Xi didn’t announce any new stimulus measures, despite signaling last week that further measures were oncoming as the economy slows

Market Reaction

  • The yuan pared loss in onshore and offshore trading
  • Companies based on Hainan jumped after Xi said that China will further develop the southern province as free trade port

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