Trade Battle Heat, Brexit Banks, Central Bank Puzzles: Eco Day

(Bloomberg) -- Happy Monday, Europe. Here’s news and analysis from Bloomberg Economics to help get your day started:

  • The trade war winner will be the one who loses least, and global automakers operating in China are feeling whiplash amid the trade spats; meanwhile, South Korean exports dipped and another sentiment indicator turned down in China on the tensions
  • Office space. Luxembourg is dealing with the strains of more banks wanting to set up shop for the Brexit era
  • Better trade news. The 16-nation Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership is closer to notching a monster trade pact this year after weekend meetings in Tokyo
  • Slippery market. Trump is getting increasingly involved in an oil-price puzzle that has the Saudis flummoxed
  • Duterte economy. Two years into a six-year term, and the Philippine president is looking at a mixed record
  • Russia slump. The former Soviet republics are all enjoying stronger currencies than the ruble, a first in half a decade
  • Getting a move on. Bank Indonesia’s latest surprise move shows how much it’s prioritizing currency stability over economic growth
  • Monetary juggling. Risks are mounting in Australia, where the central bank has been holding close to a long pause in interest rates; meanwhile, Sweden has a different basket of problems with tightening plans

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