Russia Falls Off U.S. List of Major Holders of Treasuries

(Bloomberg) -- Russia is no longer listed among the major foreign holders of U.S. government securities, according to a report released in Washington.

Once among the top 10 foreign owners of Treasuries, the country’s holdings of U.S. bills, notes and bonds in May fell to $14.9 billion, below the $30 billion threshold for inclusion on the Treasury Department’s monthly report of major holders.

The list Treasury released on Tuesday included 33 specific countries -- from the biggest holder China to the smallest Chile -- but Russia was no longer listed among them. In April, Russia’s holdings of Treasuries plunged to $48.7 billion from $96.1 billion, according to government data compiled by Bloomberg.

Asked about Russia’s absence, a U.S. Treasury spokesman said the Treasury market is the deepest and most liquid in the world, and demand remains robust. He added that the department doesn’t comment on individual investors or investments.

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