RBI Joins Tightening Cycle, Malaysia Drama, China Cools: Eco Day

(Bloomberg) -- Good Thursday morning, Europe. Here’s news from Bloomberg Economics to help get your day started:

  • The ECB is set to give a clearer picture of when it’ll ditch the bond-purchase program, and appears determined not to let Italy get in its way
  • Join the party. India raised interest rates in a surprise move Wednesday, but emerging markets are calling on the Fed to be mindful of the impacts of its hikes
  • EM stress. An Asia crisis veteran says this time is different, in a good way, for emerging markets, while an EM tells us why we shouldn’t be hyper about the high-tech threat out of China
  • Trade chats. The U.S. and China generally appear to be playing nicer in trade talks, while Trump is pushing Republican allies to block restrictions on his tariff powers
  • Scandal intrigue. Malaysia’s dealing with more 1MDB fallout drama, which claimed its central bank governor amid further economic policy uncertainty
  • Blockbuster numbers. Australia’s job growth is beating even the brisk U.S. pace, but here’s why that’s falling flat
  • Managed cooling. China’s second-half slowdown will be moderate, says Bloomberg Economics; meanwhile, read a QuickTake on why China’s two-child policy failed
  • By the way. Global investment flows plunged last year to a three-year low

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