Global Economy's Test, 1995 on Fed's Mind, Taiwan Cash: Eco Day

(Bloomberg) -- Welcome to Monday, Asia. Here’s the latest news and analysis from Bloomberg Economics to help get your day started:

  • The world economy’s ability to rebound from its recent soft patch will be tested anew as data is released from Washington to Beijing
  • As Fed chief Jerome Powell and his colleagues gather for a policy meeting, some of them will likely have 1995 on their mind. President Donald Trump’s pick for a Fed board seat said while he would withdraw if he becomes a liability from a “smear campaign,” he doesn’t think it will come to that
  • Meantime, Timothy Geithner says there’s no reason the U.S. expansion can’t continue absent “dumb mistakes”
  • China’s trade war with the U.S. is encouraging Taiwan firms to shift back to take advantage of its more secure status with America. The Taiwan dollar has meantime been surging against the won
  • Socialist Pedro Sanchez is set to return as Spain’s prime minister with his left-leaning allies close to a majority. Maeva Cousin says the result is likely to boost the nation’s economy
  • Philippines central bank chief Benjamin Diokno said it’s only a matter of timing as to when policy is eased after last year’s interest-rate increases
  • The Bank of England got its Brexit forecasts wrong, according to lawmakers and pundits. Mark Carney would beg to differ
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s boast of an Indian missile shooting down a satellite prompted critics to note the show of strength was merely highlighting the wide strategic gap between India and China
  • Here are the three main takeaways from Chinese President Xi Jinping’s second forum on the Belt and Road, his signature project

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