Fed Bets Endure, BOE Brexit Commentary, OECD Warning: Eco Day

(Bloomberg) -- Good morning Americas. Here’s the latest news from Bloomberg Economics to help get your Wednesday started.

  • Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and JPMorgan Chase & Co. are sticking with forecasts for the Federal Reserve to hike interest rates five more times by the end of 2019 even as financial markets shudder
  • Bank of England Governor Mark Carney has at least four more opportunities before the end of the year to talk about Brexit, with his words potentially taking on greater weight as the split gets closer
  • Tax cuts and a spending splurge will be needed if the global economy slips into a sharp downturn because central banks have nothing left in the tank, according to the OECD
  • Britain’s budget deficit unexpectedly widened in October as spending rose at the fastest pace for the month in 11 years
  • India’s central bank is the latest monetary authority caught up in political crosshairs
  • Emerging-market central bankers are taking stronger steps to rein in current-account deficits, even though they say the attention the market puts on this metric is all a bit unfair
  • Finally, here’s a look at the good news hidden in China’s tumbling stock markets and slowing economy

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