Europe’s Policy Cocktail, China Soft Patch, BOJ Lessons: Eco Day

(Bloomberg) -- Welcome to Thursday, Europe. Here’s the latest news and analysis from Bloomberg Economics to help get your day started:

  • Things have been looking pretty dark in the global economy, but here are a few reasons that the slowdown could prove not as bad as feared
  • Strategy check. Europe might need a new game plan as economic weakness sweeps the continent, with fiscal and structural tools teaming with monetary stimulus
  • Brexit pain. A delay to Brexit this week may be better than the alternatives, but that’s cold comfort for the U.K. economy. The divorce is also hurting the property market
  • Weak scorecard. China’s economy produced a slew of weak data, with industrial output, retail sales, and unemployment looking soft
  • It’s a date. President Donald Trump is showing some flexibility on the terms of his meeting with President Xi Jinping in order to soothe Chinese concerns
  • Scary story. The Bank of Japan still offers long-term cautionary tales for central bankers staring down the next recession

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