Europe Central Banks Under Fire, U.S.-China, Asia PMIs: Eco Day

(Bloomberg) -- Welcome to Monday, Europe. Here’s the latest news and analysis from Bloomberg Economics to help get your day and week started:

  • Central bankers across Europe are feeling the Trump-style heat of political pressure
  • Scratch below the surface of the euro area’s dismal economic numbers and there’s a glimmer of hope that things could improve
  • A year after the election that led to Italy’s populists taking power, the economic outlook is more precarious and the warnings across Europe are growing louder
  • The Turkish government’s campaign of threats, fines and deep discounts to curtail runaway food inflation appears to be paying off
  • End is near? The U.S. and China could be close to a deal that would cancel most of the U.S.-imposed tariffs, say people familiar with the discussions
  • Beijing agenda. Here are three charts outlining battles for President Xi Jinping as the National People’s Congress meetings get underway in Beijing
  • Pile-on. Asian factory sentiment gauges have taken another turn lower, with Taiwan and South Korea on Monday adding to a run of lousy figures across the region
  • Deal bonanza. Indonesia is chasing trade pacts with about a dozen countries to offset the pain from the ongoing U.S.-China tensions
  • Deflation watch. A Bloomberg inflation barometer sees deflation for Japan as early as this summer
  • Week’s preview. Here’s all you need to know about the week ahead in the global economy, including a European Central Bank decision that could show them turning more dovish

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