ECB Lift-off Poll, May's Confusing Address, RCEP Stall: Eco Day

(Bloomberg) -- Happy Friday, Europe. Here’s the latest news and analysis from Bloomberg Economics to help get your day started and send you off into the weekend:

  • The ECB will end its negative interest-rate policy in January 2020 after first lifting interest rates later next year, according to a fresh Bloomberg survey
  • Still stalled. Brexit negotiations are none the better after a confusing address from Theresa May
  • Cloudier outlook. China’s economy slowed more than expected in the third quarter as domestic and international risks weighed on growth
  • Losing traction. India still has all sorts of issues with the Regional Comprehensive Economic Agreement, muddying its chances of ratification anytime soon
  • Domestic dispute. Top White House officials engaged in a shouting match over disagreements on immigration policy, according to people familiar with the incident
  • Small buys. For all the Trump fervor over the impact of canceling arms sales over a journalist’s disappearance, there’s actually not a whole lot that Saudi Arabia buys from the U.S.
  • Weekend read. This doctor is trying to woo Chinese couples to Bangkok for fertility and wellness services as the world’s No. 2 economy relaxes its policy on having children
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