Powell's Shake Up, Russia Hike Strife, U.K. Surprises: Eco Day

(Bloomberg) -- Good morning Americas. Here’s the latest news from Bloomberg Economics to help round off your week:

  • Jerome Powell, who has already put his own stamp on Federal Reserve communications, has got a number of options if he wants to shake things up some more
  • Top members of President Vladimir Putin’s government are said to be still chafing at the Russian central bank’s decision to raise interest rates last week
  • The U.K.’s scorching summer has pushed the economy’s performance well beyond expectations, cutting through some of the Brexit gloom
  • U.S. President Donald Trump continued to hit out at China days after announcing another round of tariffs, signaling the trade war won’t end any time soon
    • Meanwhile, as Chinese officials prepared a response to Trump’s latest tariffs, they spent hundreds of hours on another urgent task: showing fealty to Xi Jinping
  • Italian economic growth and deficit data for 2017 have been revised up, giving Finance Minister Giovanni Tria the final pieces of data to decide whether he can afford to start tax cuts and provide a basic income promised by the populist government
  • Norway’s central bank is keeping its eyes on the krone after raising rates for the first time in seven years
  • Finally, here’s a round up of what happened in the world economy this week, and here’s what to watch in the next seven days

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