Shipping containers stand at the Qingdao Qianwan Container Terminal in this aerial photograph taken in Qingdao, China.(Photographer: Qilai Shen/Bloomberg)

Beijing Fears, China Cuts Treasuries, Abe the Survivor: Eco Day

(Bloomberg) -- Happy hump day, Asia. Here’s the latest news from Bloomberg Economics:

  • China announced retaliatory measures to the latest U.S. tariffs; but for Beijing, its main worry isn’t trade -- it’s the steady march toward a long-term competition that could thwart China’s rise
  • In the U.S. bond market, 2019 is turning into a battleground for bets on monetary policy; meanwhile, China’s holdings of U.S. Treasuries fell to a six-month low
  • Not long ago, Shinzo Abe faced calls to resign amid a cronyism scandal -- on Thursday he’s expected to easily win a party vote that could make him Japan’s longest-serving leader
  • Separately, while few expect action, many investors will be seeking answers at the end of the Bank of Japan’s policy meeting
  • “No one wins from a trade war,” is a standard refrain among economists. Southeast Asian businesses are trying to prove that maxim wrong
  • India’s Gen Z, a key swing constituency in the 2019 general elections, has a simple message for politicians: more jobs, please
  • European leaders meet in Salzburg today at the first of three key Brexit summits. The headlines could paint a slightly rosier picture than reality
  • New Zealand’s central bank is unlikely to take a rate cut off the table if economic growth is stronger than it expects; while in Thailand, the central bank is set to keep interest rates unchanged today

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