China Markets, RBA's Sydney Woes, Joining Fed's Dots: Eco Day

(Bloomberg) -- Welcome to Monday, Asia. Here’s the latest news from Bloomberg Economics:

  • Expect China’s markets to be watched closely today after fresh salvos were fired in the trade war: President Trump defended his use of tariffs that have inflamed global tensions, telling an audience of diehard supporters over the weekend that playing hardball on trade is “my thing”
  • Sydney’s bubbly house prices are sinking and tipped to fall for at least another year, pushing the central bank even further to the sidelines
  • That elusive 7 percent: For President Joko Widodo, Indonesia’s economic growth is offering little cheer as he gears up to run for a second term; here’s what to expect from today’s GDP numbers
  • A function we love: here’s one of the best places to go to understand what Federal Reserve policy makers are thinking

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