Carney's Day, China Trade Vow, Czech ‘Mental Reversal’: Eco Day

(Bloomberg) -- Good morning Americas. Here’s news from Bloomberg Economics to help get your day started:

  • The Bank of England is on track to raise interest rates for only the second time since the financial crisis, even though Brexit threatens to prove a rough ride for the U.K.
    • At the same time the BOE’s assessment of the neutral rate of interest could be a wildcard
  • Expect U.S. job gains to stay elevated, just without a wage bump
  • China said that the latest threat by the U.S. to increase tariffs won’t succeed in forcing concessions from Beijing
  • After leading Europe with four rate hikes in the past year, Czech policy makers are extending their push to cool the economy and rein in inflation that’s unexpectedly surged above the 2 percent target
  • Markets are teaching the Turkish central bank a tough lesson: waiting too long to act could end up almost the same as doing nothing at all
  • India’s central bank governor raises the prospect of global currency wars
  • Despite little talk of side effects from the Bank of Japan when it adjusted policy on Tuesday, they do matter and are being taken into account by the central bank
  • Meanwhile, China is building a very 21st century empire -- one where trade and debt lead the way, not armadas and boots on the ground

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