Trade War and Rumors of Trade War: Theme of the Week

This Week Was Trade War Buildup Week

(Bloomberg Opinion) -- On Friday (let’s call it T-Day) the Trump administration formally fired the first shots in what may soon be an escalating trade war with China. In the week leading up to this, Bloomberg Opinion covered all the angles and the possible repercussions. Once the war began, we immediately started thinking about how it could end. 

T-Day Pieces

Trump’s Trade War Has Begun – Now He Must End It – Bloomberg’s Editors

What Trump’s Trade War Is Really About – Christopher Balding

America Must Beware the Wrath of China’s Consumers – David Fickling

Pre-War Pieces

GM Can’t Wait Around for Trump to Win a Trade War – Brooke Sutherland

Trump’s Tariff Plan Is a Car Crash for Germany – Chris Bryant

Detroit Spinning Out Fuels China’s Auto Dreams – Anjani Trivedi

China’s Foreign Investment Door Opens, a Bit – David Fickling

401(k)s Could Be a Casualty of Trump’s Trade War – Stephen Gandel

Chipmakers Are Trapped in U.S.-China Crossfire – Shira Ovide

Japanese Businesses Don’t Cower Amid Trade Gloom – Daniel Moss

Even Good News Is Bad News for Automakers Now – Anjani Trivedi

China’s Weapons of Trade Destruction Are Missing – David Fickling

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