ECB Clues on QE, RBI Decision, Trade and Tech Battles: Eco Day

(Bloomberg) -- Good Wednesday morning, Europe. Here’s news from Bloomberg Economics to help get your day started:

  • The ECB could tell us as early as June 14 when they’ll likely be drawing down its extraordinary asset-purchase program
  • Central bank watch. All eyes are on the Reserve Bank of India’s decision today, with a narrow call for a hold in the Bloomberg survey
  • Southeast Asia is struggling to contain inflation, pulling out all the stops with subsidies, tax incentives and price controls
  • Trade fight. The U.S. and China are reportedly throwing down demands on exports and ZTE in the latest trade battle drama, but here’s why economists still aren’t that worried yet
  • That other battle. The bigger U.S.-China war, over technology, is seeing American businesses calling for more of the Chinese way; here are longer-term takes from the U.S. and China perspectives from Bloomberg Economics
  • Nafta talks. Trump won’t quit Nafta, even if he wants separate trade deals with Canada and Mexico, White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow says
  • Growth tally. The World Bank sees global growth gradually slowing through 2020 amid a global tightening cycle and fading U.S. stimulus; meanwhile, South American economies are taking a turn for the worse
  • U.S. momentum. There are now more job openings than unemployed Americans, and U.S. service industries expanded faster than forecast in May
  • Two charts. Emerging markets in May saw the biggest outflows in 18 months, and a building boom in the Philippines has added more than half a million jobs in the four months through April

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