Budget-Busting Brexit, Trade Talk Moves, China Babies: Eco Day

(Bloomberg) -- Good Wednesday morning, Europe. Here’s news from Bloomberg Economics to help get your day started:

  • U.K. households are 900 pounds worse off due to Brexit, says BOE’s Carney, while American consumers are in pretty bad financial shape, according to a Federal Reserve survey
  • Trade chats. Trump says he’s “not really” pleased with the trade talks with China, while he looks to ease penalties against telecoms giant ZTE amid Congressional uproar; China, meanwhile, just massively cut car tariffs
  • Looking forward. Trump holds on to tariffs as a negotiating tool while Commerce Secretary Ross plans an early-June trip to China, and Germany feels squeezed in the middle of U.S.-China talks
  • Baby boomlet. China only just announced plans to scrap family planning rules, but analysts are calling for the government to go a few steps further; here are charts showing the urgent need for China to adjust its population strategy
  • QE 2.0. The central bank in New Zealand says it’d be ready to engage in large-scale asset purchases in the event of a financial crisis
  • Fun read. North Korean restaurants remain open in Cambodia, in defiance of international sanctions

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