Italy Averts Crisis, Trade Risk Eases, Maduro Wins: Eco Day

(Bloomberg) -- Good Monday morning, Europe. Here’s news from Bloomberg Economics to help get your week started:

  • Italy’s two populist parties struck a deal on a prime minister, helping ease stresses amid a warning by France to avoid putting European stability at risk
  • Keep calm. Markets the world over are breathing a little easier with a bit of a detente in U.S.-China trade relations over the weekend, including a Beijing pledge to buy more American goods, but tensions linger
  • Renewed stress. Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy faces more confrontation with Catalonia over the regional government’s choice of leaders, threatening passage of his 2018 budget
  • Fresh team. Malaysia’s fast-changing economic landscape will be shaped by these five people, while leader-in-waiting Anwar Ibrahim told Bloomberg TV about how the new government will court support of ethnic Malays
  • Red alert. The Reserve Bank of India should take more seriously the rampant increases in interest rates across maturities, Bloomberg Economics argues
  • Lowest turnout. President Nicolas Maduro won another six-year term as millions of Venezuelans boycotted the widely derided election, a victory that hands him sole ownership of the nation’s crushing economic crisis
  • Healthier trade. Japan can celebrate an April rebound in exports that damped fears of sustained trade weakness amid U.S.-China tensions
  • Lunchtime reading. Brexit could create a bottleneck in goods traffic, delaying shipments of French wine, pet food and other cargo that’ll need more checks between U.K. and EU borders

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