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We all want our privacy; we just don’t how best to get it. Battling Russian cyberattacks? The feds have some tips. Building a $43,000 soundproof phone booth on taxpayers' dime? Unlawful, a watchdog says. Heading to court to block access to seized records, or hoping to keep your name out of it? Good luck with that. You might be better off decamping to a cabin above the Arctic Circle or a treehouse in Kenya. —Sam Schulz

Sean Hannity was Trump lawyer’s mystery client, court hearing reveals. Who gets the first look at records the FBI seized from President Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen? In court Monday, Trump argued his team should get to review them first, while prosecutors argued that would set a “dangerous precedent” that could kneecap future investigations. The Cohen probe, writes Noah Feldman for Bloomberg View, marks a “major inflection point” for Trump’s presidency. And Monday’s hearing yielded another revelation: Cohen’s unnamed third client was Fox News host Sean Hannity. No word yet on why Hannity hired him.

American strikes against Syria’s regime underscore how quickly U.S.-Russia ties have deteriorated. They were already under serious strain, thanks to sanctions and election interference, and now they might be irreparable. The Russian cyberattacks that British and American authorities are warning companies of can't help.

Larry Fink is no longer the underdog. His BlackRock is the world’s largest money manager, sitting on $6.3 trillion in assets, and his personal fortune has finally surpassed $1 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. But BlackRock, as the biggest holder of Russian ruble debt, is also nervous about sanctions.

Pay your interns, corporate America, writes Kara Alaimo for Bloomberg View: "Organizations who don’t pay their interns don’t recruit from a pool of the best possible talent, but rather from the most privileged people seeking to break into their industries."

States want to force online retailers to collect billions in sales taxes. Should the Supreme Court overturn a 26-year-old ruling that exempts many sellers from collecting them, states could reap up to $23 billion more in tax revenue.

Trump targeted China and Russia in a Twitter tirade, accusing them of devaluing their currencies. It's a break from his own Treasury chief's view that no major U.S. trading partners do so. The president's claim, for which he didn't provide evidence, fuels a brewing trade dispute with China and drew swift criticism from Russia.

These are travel agents’ favorite under-the-radar vacation spots. From Filipino rice terraces to glaciers at Argentina’s southernmost tip, they’re the places our sources would rather keep secret, unspoiled, and uncrowded. Get there first, or regret it later.

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