Brazil team supporters play football ahead of the countrys match against Mexico at FIFA World Cup, in Kolkata. (Source: PTI)

Which City’s Productivity Is Most Threatened By The FIFA World Cup?

Indians are tuning in to watch the FIFA World Cup in record numbers. But that’s not affecting productivity at work, according a study conducted by Statista.

That’s because most matches are telecast at late evenings here due to the time difference with Russia. An employee in Mumbai has lost maximum three hours of productivity at work so far this season, according to the data collected by statistics and studies portal.

However, employers in Rio de Janerio and New York are having a tough time getting work done. Over 60 hours of matches would be played during the working hours in these regions as the tournament enters its knockout stage.

Statista has mapped out exactly how much the World Cup threatens productivity, by measuring the overlap of timings of World Cup games with office hours in different time zones across the world.

It found that employers in Tokyo and Melbourne have not lost any time so far and are unlikely to do so in the coming matches as well.

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