China Mobile Calls for U.S. to Stop ‘Unreasonable Pressure’

(Bloomberg) -- A unit of China Mobile Ltd. said the U.S. government should stop putting "unreasonable pressure" on Chinese companies and provide them with a non-discriminatory investment environment, pushing back after its bid to provide phone service in the U.S. was denied.

China Mobile International said the Federal Communications Commission’s rejection after almost eight years of applications was "without apparent reasons and basis," according to a statement on its website on Saturday.

"It is out of market economy principles and contradicts the trend of economic globalization," the company said.

The FCC on May 9 voted 5-0 to deny the Chinese carrier’s request to enter the U.S. market over national security concerns, after being urged to do so by the Trump administration.

The Trump administration also is trying to persuade allies to shun Huawei Technologies Co., the Shenzhen-based network-gear maker that U.S. officials call a security risk. Huawei officials dispute the accusation. The FCC is considering whether to allow Huawei to operate in the U.S. and is awaiting a recommendation from the White House.

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