This Festive Season, Here’s How To Find The Perfect Business Gift For Your Organisation

*This is a sponsored feature by Cadbury.

The true value of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than in its price tag. With short attention spans in this digital age, those wanting to send a truly appreciated gift as part of an outreach to business partners this festive season must create value through personalisation, both in terms of product design or packaging and corporate messaging. Corporate gifting is one of the major pillars of a brand outreach program and given the clutter, brands have to be innovative to stand out. Here are some ways brands can leverage the benefits of corporate gifting to full effect:

1. Deliver a personal touch: A survey of corporate users found that 82 percent preferred personalised gifts rather than an off-the-shelf item. A gift that takes into account the tastes and preferences of the recipient is far more appreciated because it makes the recipient feel special. Cadbury Joy Deliveries provides a wide range of chocolate choices that can be personalised to suit individual tastes. One can add a picture and a personalised message for the recipient, have both printed on the pack, and create a truly personalised gift.

2. Wide variety with exquisite design: When choosing the perfect gift for your employees and business partners, it is imperative that you have multiple choices. Gift choices that match specific occasions allow for customisation and can be tailored as per your organisation’s requirement. For instance, Cadbury Joy Deliveries provides a wide gift range with an assortment of chocolates that can be customised for any occasion.

3. Creativity & Imagination: From packaging & labelling to the final product, it is creativity that leaves a lasting impression. A personalised corporate gift with innovative packaging also becomes a collector’s item. That’s where a globally recognised, iconic brand like Cadbury, in collectible packaging, and personalised for taste and occasion, is the perfect gifting idea.

4. Perfect delivery experience: Once you have carefully selected the right gift and best-in-class presentation, it is imperative that the shipping experience is hassle-free to avoid any goof-ups due to human errors when managing large quantities. The high-tech online ordering and delivery system at Cadbury Joy Deliveries goes a long way in ensuring that multiple orders can be placed seamlessly. Also, shipping is handled through world-class logistics partners, so that you have complete peace of mind.

These are just a few examples of how an experienced and renowned partner like Cadbury Joy Deliveries brings a whole new dimension to your corporate gifting experience – from personalisation, convenience, and end-to-end gift delivery management, along with the iconic Cadbury quality that’s legendary the world over, your Cadbury gifts will truly exemplify the joy of this festive season. And to make things even sweeter for you, there are attractive discounts available when you log on to the Cadbury Joy Deliveries website.