Bounce, Balance, Burn: Keep Moving When You’re Stuck at a Desk

Working from home has presented challenges, but it’s also allowed for experimentation that’s produced results we may carry over into our hybrid return-to-office routines in the coming months. In the last year, we’ve preached multiple times about the importance of not sitting in a chair all day (no matter where you’re working). And yet no matter how often we think we’ve covered the alternatives, there are more. Always more. Many of them are landfill fodder, but some (below) are worth considering based on our research and online reviews.

Remember, the goal is not exercise, but movement throughout the day. You want to establish a handful of work positions and rotate between them; you know you’re doing it right if your body feels good at the end of the day and you’re not experiencing shoulder, neck, or back pain.

The Level by Fluidstance ($269). According to the website, the Level uses “natural micro-movements to strengthen and stabilize your body.” Basically, the balancing board keeps your core and legs engaged when you’re at a standing desk. The add-on Challenge Cap ($49), which affixes to the bottom of the Level, makes balancing a little harder.

Trampoline by Bellicon (starting at $499). It’s impossible to feel overwhelmed with work after jumping on a trampoline for two minutes. A brief jump wakes you up before a meeting and is a better alternative than sending that “per my last email” email. For $9 a month, you can also subscribe to the company’s online workouts. (I have one of these, and it’s fantastic.)

Luna Standing Desk Stool by Fully ($199). The problem with standing desks? You have to sit eventually. This stool lets you alternate between standing, sitting, leaning, and perching. It’s lightweight and easily adjustable with a curved underside that keeps you swaying gently.

Inflatable Air Cushion by Bintiva ($20). This seat cushion allows you to wobble while building your core strength, much like sitting on a balance ball, but without the undignified optics.

Go Elliptical by Cubii ($299) or DeskCycle 2 by 3D Innovations ($199). These don’t solve the ills of crunching your body into a 90-degree angle, but they keep your legs moving and blood flowing and can fit under any desk. The Cubii Go is a sleek, quiet elliptical with an app that tracks stats. It rolls easily with a retractable handle, so you can pull it over to your couch. The DeskCycle 2 is exactly as advertised: an affordable, quiet machine with surprisingly intense tension settings.

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