Forget Book Covers. It’s Bookends That Your Library Is Judged By

Forget Book Covers. It’s Bookends That Your Library Is Judged By

(Bloomberg Businessweek) -- 1. Kyuzo

Designed by the studio Visibility, for New York manufacturer Matter Made, this cast-iron bookend is named after the master swordsman in Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai. $450 per pair

2. Canaan

Jonathan Adler’s black-and-white marble set is bisected in black and white and cut at a 45-degree angle. $256 per pair

3. Reference

A heavy piece made of powder-coated iron, it works great with vinyl. Designer Henry Julier’s long bottom flange prevents tipping. Available in blue, black, and red for contrasting colors. $60 each

4. Artifact

No two of these Malka Dina-made stone bookends, with satin white speckle glaze, are exactly alike. $220 per pair

5. Whitney

Brooklyn’s Chen Chen and Kai Williams encase all sorts of things from the Whitney Museum—brochures, pins, misprinted staff T-shirts—into an epoxy resin to create these unique objets d’art. $400 per pair

6. Atlas

Fashioned from Carrara marble by architect Elisa Ossino for Salvatori, a third-generation Italian company specializing in natural stone, the pair fits together like puzzle pieces when not in use. $345 per pair

Forget Book Covers. It’s Bookends That Your Library Is Judged By

7. Portal

An optical polish on the inside of this bookend, courtesy of expert glass blower Andrew Hughes, creates distorted reflections depending on your viewing angle. $1,100 per pair

8. SLO

French designer Christophe Delcourt constructed this set out of marble. They can either stand upright (as pictured) or lie horizontally for a different effect. $1,760 per pair

9. No. 3652

Still located in its original Viennese town house, the Carl Aubock workshop has worked with influential midcentury designers, as well as Hermès and Pierre Cardin. Its brass bookend is simple and compact. $695 per pair

10. Lava Rock

For a look that’s pulled from nature, consider a pair that’s hand-carved from lava rock sourced from volcanoes in Indonesia. $49 per pair

11. Poly

The female trio behind New York studio Egg Collective ingeniously devised a shape that looks different when rotated. Available in etched (pictured) or satin bronze. $1,850 each

12. Cast Linked

Guests may do a bookshelf double take: When this pair is separated by only a few volumes, the steel semicircles and flared base appear to be linked together like a chain. $255 per pair

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