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While women CEOs led by GM’s Mary Barra break lots of glass as they drag American industry into the 21st century, other sectors have remained under the radar when it comes to the #MeToo movement. For Big Oil, and specifically Anadarko—just bought by Chevron for $33 billion—allegations of bad behavior may change that.  

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Most U.S. stocks rose as a group of high-profile earnings offered a few clues about the strength of the American economy. 

Ever wonder why firearm manufacturers haven’t made a smart-gun that only its owner can fire? Bloomberg Businessweek reveals all the really dumb reasons.

Apple and Qualcomm agreed to end a two-year legal battle over billions of dollars of licensing fees that threatened the chipmaker’s most profitable business. Qualcomm’s shares jumped 23 percent on the news.

Medicare-for-all, the proposal championed by Senator Bernie Sanders that all Americans should have guaranteed healthcare, is apparently upsetting to companies who profit from the current system, it turns out.

Sanders, leading the current field of presidential candidates, held a town hall last night on an unlikely cable network in which he sought to lure back blue-collar voters who defected from the Democratic Party to the GOP. 

France’s wealthiest tycoons and companies pledged $678 million to help rebuild the Notre-Dame cathedral a day after it was ravaged by fire.

What’s Joe Weisenthal thinking about? The Bloomberg news director said there was an important development in the world of crypto Monday, one that could show who really has the power over funny money: miners or developers.

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China’s insatiable demand for spicy hotpot is placing the founders of a restaurant chain atop one of the world’s fastest-growing fortunes. Zhang Yong, chairman of Haidilao International Holding, and his wife Shu Ping, have made $6 billion so far this year on the phenomenon.

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