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The feud between Donald Trump and the richest man on Earth suddenly exploded after Jeff Bezos accused the president’s allies at the National Enquirer of trying to extort him. Bezos launched an investigation, as did the owner of that denizen of dusty supermarket aisles. But most dangerously for publisher American Media, so has the Justice Department, which already had its eye on the company.  

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Bezos’s allegations could upend the non-prosecution agreement American Media struck last year with federal prosecutors in New York over its illegal aid to the Trump campaign.

Even executives at the hedge fund that backs American Media are being sucked into the fight.

He runs Amazon. He owns the Washington Post. He has more money than anyone anywhere. Timothy O’Brien writes in Bloomberg Opinion that the National Enquirer managed to pick a fight with the wrong billionaire.

Bezos seems to be mad at New York City, too. Amazon is reconsidering its plan to build a corporate campus there after a wave of opposition.

As Democrats unveiled the “Green New Deal,” a controversy erupted over the role of nuclear power that threatened the whole effort.

SpaceX has a big stake in the battle over Trump’s border wall: a launchpad on the U.S.-Mexico border that it plans to use for rockets.

What’s Luke Kawa thinking about? The Bloomberg cross-asset reporter says a global synchronized slowdown is bad news for the central bankers who had aimed to normalize monetary policy, but good news for duration. The prospect that benchmark interest rates have peaked serves to bolster the appeal of long bonds.

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Fyre Festival is dead. Long live the Bahamas. The Bahamas would like you to remember that it’s so much more than disaster relief tents and sad cheese sandwiches. Two years after the Fyre Festival left a mess of unpaid workers, defrauded investors and angry attendees, the Ministry of Tourism and Aviation unveiled an ad campaign to promote the Caribbean archipelago, starring Lenny Kravitz.

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